We Believe

As a human race we need to do more… We need to do a lot more to preserve this earth for the generations to come. 

This is why we dedicate 10% of our top line revenue to invest in projects that benefit society and the planet. Examples are, solar farms, water management, sanitary systems and waste cleanup. 

Meet The Team

Samuel Junghenn
Samuel JunghennFounder & CEO
Samuel started trading in 1998 before the tech bubble, before trading online even existed for the general public. Having an innate strategic and mathematical mind has helped to build a number of trading models which Symbiosis now uses.

Having started, built and sold many businesses over the years has given Samuel the experience in building solid customer centric business. He has co-authored a number of books and has been hired to speak and teach internationally on business growth and mindset.

Strategy 93%
Maths 74%
Trading 91%
Security Technology 95%
Robert Watts
Robert WattsCommercial Director & Maths Whiz
Eco-Capitalist, Data Analyst, Software Specialist

After successful periods in prop trading and software development, I am now investing my time and energy in making a difference by providing investment tools to charities, impact funds, and not for profit organisations so they can make more of an impact.

My vision is to improve the reach and impact of these great organisations so that everyone can have a better future.

Maths 96%
Data Analysis 85%
Customer Relations 97%

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