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Drawdown Recovery

Money Managers

Improve your equity curve for investors. Remove the big losses that look bad on reports. Better reports, means more clients.


How would you trade if you knew you couldn’t lose? We can’t guarantee your success, but we can help improve your strike rate.

No Recovery, No Fee

We only charge a fee on the equity increase when we have reduced the drawdown.

Have Impact

We dedicate 10% of our top line revenue to investing in or donating to projects that are positively impacting the planet.

Additional Profit

History shows that accounts we recover from drawdown also grow over and above the drawdown recovered during the process.

Hands Free

Once your account is set up there isn’t any input needed. You will receive daily statements via email to show your account improvement.

Watch A Real Case Study Of How We Systematically Recover Drawdowns

How It Works

Account Requirements

  • The account in drawdown can be with any broker as long as;

  • The account must be an MT4 account (MT5 coming soon)

  • The account must allow hedging so we can lock the position to stop drawdown increase.

  • The account must have sufficient available margin.

How The Process Works


Apply and we will assess the drawdown. If we believe we can safely recover it, we will send you the agreement. 


Provide us with MT4/MT5 logins and we will begin recovery.


Each month we will invoice for our fee as percentage of drawdown recovered. Usually the profits accumulated will pay for our fee.


When the drawdown is recovered, we disconnect and you can change your password and resume trading. 


Service Fee Type / Description Amount of Service Fee
Establishment Fee

The fee to open your account

Contribution Fee

The fee payable for each amount deposited into your account

Withdrawal Fee

The fee on each amount you withdraw from your account

Exit Fee

The fee to close your account

Switching Fee

The fee for switching Risk Reward Options

Transaction Fee

The fee for each transaction undertaken on your account charged by Symbiosis Capital

Third Party Transaction Fee

The fee for each transaction undertaken on your account charged by a Broker or other third party

Fees may vary depending on the choice of Broker. Some Brokers charge separate fees, and others incorporate their fees into their foreign exchange contract rates. Please refer to the terms of service of the relevant Broker. Note: Our Target Risk Reward Options already incorporate the brokers fees.
Performance Fee

The fee for generating a Return on your Account. Fee thresholds are based on Account Equity*. Performance fees become due and payable at the end of each Period.

Account Equity at the end of each Period Fee (% of Return for preceding Period inc. GST, Broker Fees and Commission)
Less than AUD $100,000,000 37.00%
AUD $100,000,000 to AUD $499,999,999.99 35.50%

Frequently Asked Questions

What if you go directly to my financial advice clients?2021-01-13T23:44:38+00:00

We can not because we are not licensed to give financial advice, nor are we interested in giving advice as a business model. We are completely focused on building amazing technology.

Are there exit fees?2020-01-16T07:47:01+00:00

No, we do no charge any other fees other than our performance fees.

What security do you have in place?2020-01-16T03:47:54+00:00

Human error and carelessness is the main reason accounts get compromised. We use multiple tier access for all logins. Only select staff have access to all areas of our software. We also have software to deter and stop would be hackers. We take the security of our accounts very seriously and have adopted best practices.

What control do I have over the money in my account?2021-01-13T23:45:18+00:00

The client has full control over all funds in the accounts at all times to add, withdraw and transfer between accounts. We do however request that if a client wants to withdraw they notify us first as we may be mid trade and it could result in a loss if they withdraw at the wrong time.

What if the trading bots make mistakes and lose?2020-01-16T04:02:38+00:00

Trading algorithms are designed based on the way humans trade, except they have one big advantage, they don’t have emotions which cause poor judgement. In saying this we don’t just let the trading bots run. They are supervised by humans and a number of alerts are in place incase something is out of order.

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