Symbiosis Capital with managed discretionary accounts have a rare combination of attributes that you don’t find in many other investment products.

It is a liquid investment. Capital is held on an Australian bank account, on trust under your name, and can be withdrawn at any time. There are no lock-in contracts because we believe that our performance should keep you as a client.

We limit the downside with smart money management and mathematical models. Your investment has impact. We dedicate 10% of our top line revenue to investing in or donating to projects that are positively impacting the planet.

Our investment is market neutral. It’s not dependent on the economy doing well or any market going up for our investors to make a profit. Because our trading is proprietary and diversified, our returns are generally not correlated to other investments.

We have a risk reward option to suit every need, low with target returns of 25% per annum, medium with target returns of 49% per annum, after our profit share, and high target returns of 74%, after our profit share.

The managed discretionary accounts work in a very simple way. First, you set up a trading account and deposit funds with an Australian regulated broker that’s approved by us. You choose which risk reward option you would like, and sign the relevant documents.

We connect your account to our system, which trades on your account automatically. You receive monthly reports via email of the investment performance. Then the broker deducts our performance fee at the end of the month, when the account is in profit.

Once your account is set up, we connect it to our master account. Our software trades our own funds in our master account. Then our trades are copied into your account using the risk reward option that you’ve chosen.

Each time a position is opened in the master account, it will be opened in your account as well. Each time a position is closed in the master account, it’ll be closed on your account. All safeties like stop loss orders are placed in your account to ensure that the results are as close as possible to our own.

We have a unique algorithm development process, where we design our strategies. Our mathematicians and developers work on creating the strategies. Our developers then code the functions of the strategy. We then back test those strategies over at least 11 years and analyze the data.

If it successfully passes our criteria, then we paper trade the system on a demo account using fake money or monopoly money. If it then passes the demo trading, we then trade on our own real funds.

And when it passes the test on live money, only then do we roll it out on investors funds. Our fees are on a high watermark basis, which means that if there’s a drawdown period, we do not take performance fees. And only when your account grows past its previous high, then do we share in the profit.

To see a full list of fees and disclosure, please look at the Managed Discretionary Accounts page or the Fees page on our website.